When the great guys over at TechEU tell us that (in the view of analysts at MiDIA Research) a “market correction is now finally underway with Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as well as Monthly Unique Payers (MUPs) for several top mobile game publishers in decline,” I read it as good news for Indie devs everywhere and a confirmation of what I have been thinking (and seeing) for a while.

Indies are the future of the App Economy.

At first, many may have dismissed smaller developers as a group that missed the train and that the end is near: The Indiepocalypse. But I turn that around and recall that the ‘fringe’ is where the action — and innovation — is.

But don’t just take my word for it. Business consultants and visionaries (including ex- Xerox PARC John Seely Brown aka ‘JSB’) are also convinced the richest opportunities for innovation lie at the fringe— the edges of organizations, the edges of emerging economies, and, in my view, the edges of new generations of indie app devs and small companies who live and breathe amazing gameplay.

And JSB is not just being uber-cool when he says he’d rather hire an expert player of World of Warcraft over an MBA from Harvard. He understands that thinking-outside-the-box will always bring the best results in an age like ours marked by massive (and massively exciting) constant change.

But Indies aren’t just passionate about game apps; they have the talent and team spirit to create apps that set the bar. (And now that block-buster apps are losing some of their lustre, it’s clear there is room for Indies to make some waves.)

Possibly even a tidal wave if they are given the chance.

Which is why you should always participate in every pitch competition with your indie game. 

If you haven’t already, you can still submit your game to events such as the Big Indie Pitch and take advantage of the opportunity to foster relationships with other developers, gain exposure for your app (and the amazing and professional development team behind it) and learn how to succeed in the new games ecosystem by checking out the experts at the meeting tables there.

(Check out MomoCon, for example. From now until March 1st, MomoCon will accept entries for the 2016 Indie Award Showcase. From March 1st to April 1st all entries are reviewed, and 20 finalists are selected. The 6 winning teams will be announced live at an award ceremony during MomoCon 2016.)

I encourage you to watch for other events and take advantage of every opportunity to attend and network.

No matter the event you choose — my message to you is: Get out there and show off your game.

Feedback from experts, friendly advice from your peers, or a vote of confidence from judges and users — it’s the input and interaction you need to take your app from good to great.