Making Sure Your LTV Model Stands Up To The Reality Test

In my last post I shared my own and proven approach to help you calculate LTV. Now it’s time to take your model out “into the wild” and subject it to some key “reality tests” before you apply it to your business at large. It all starts with recognizing and establishing the characteristics and commonalities […]

What 1,000 players can really tell you about your game

Generally speaking, knowing what 1,000 players do – or don’t do – in your game isn’t a sample size that should prompt a massive shift in how you pursue app marketing or map out your gameplay. But, when it comes to retention, 1,000 players is a sample size you need to understand. For 1,000 players […]

Why Indie Developers Are The future Of The App Economy

When the great guys over at TechEU tell us that (in the view of analysts at MiDIA Research) a “market correction is now finally underway with Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as well as Monthly Unique Payers (MUPs) for several top mobile game publishers in decline,” I read it as good news for Indie devs everywhere and a […]

Soft Launch On Shoestring Budget? Here’s How!

With massive attendance and a hugely positive response to a program chock-full of themes and topics aimed to help indie developers seeking out a little inspiration and a lot of good advice, Pocket Gamer Connects in London last week was a great platform for me to deep-dive into the ‘why’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ around the […]

What Makes Non-Gaming Apps Organic Growth Ninjas

On the heels of moderating a panel focused on organic growth during the Amsterdam App Strategy Workshop in December (organized by the great people at the Application Developer Alliance) it’s clear that gaming apps companies could benefit from adapting the many approaches non-gaming apps companies have invented and innovated in order to market their apps to specific […]

How You Can Know For Sure If Your Mobile Game Will Fly Or Fail?

While it is the launch phase that stands out as the stage that will decide if your game will fly or fail, it is actually the soft-launch phase that determines whether you are on track to release an app that can have a positive impact — both on your business and on your audience — in […]